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In this video we’re replacing a water heater in Oakland California.


Supreme Plumbing & Heating was called to this home because the owner was informed that his current water heater was improperly installed.


He had an old low efficient water heater. It burns more gas to heat up the water. It’s supposed to ventilate those toxic carbon monoxide fumes  thru the roof.


Whoever installed this equipment had it ventilating thru the side of the house. The owner decided to have a new efficient water heater, that is up to code, installed now rather than failing an inspection and having to do it later potentially affecting the sale of the home.


We start by draining the water out of the old unit. Then we disconnect the water and gas lines.


After removing the old unit and setting the new one, we reconnect the lines, run the proper exhaust vent to the side of the home and fill it up with water.


A critical step is to have the residents turn on their faucets to push the air out of the pipes so that air pockets dont form and slow the flow of water.


If you need a reliable HVAC plumbing professional help you with your hardware:

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Supreme plumbing services in the Bay area

Supreme Plumbing and Heating can assist you with your plumbing needs, we currently our offering appointments to clear your drains.

Give us a call for us to come out and assist you with your issues for only $120! you can reach our office at 1-800-939-1803

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